About The Company

Zhang Jia Birdnest is an enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in swallow cultivation and related techniques, and has pioneered an oxygen treatment process that improves the top-grade bird's nest product that originates in the company's "swallow houses". Zhang Jia Birdnest also possesses its own large-scale bird's nest processing facility where pure bird's nest certified by internationally-recognised agencies is processed. Our products are exported to markets such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. With more than two decades of industry experience, Zhang Jia Birdnest is now a heritage name in the bird's nest industry.

With its mission of "Quality and Honesty First", Zhang Jia Birdnest provides consumers locally and abroad with bird's nest products that are of high quality, natural, and safe. In terms of production, we have chosen the best locations to build our "swallow houses" to ensure the quality of our bird's nest; in terms of cleaning, we only clean the product by hand and use our unique oxygen treatment process to create a cleaner and higher-quality product. In 2011 Zhang Jia Birdnest became the only bird's nest enterprise to receive the Asia-Pacific Top Excellence Brand and Asia Pacific Top Golden Brand Products as well as the Asia Pacific International Honesty Product at the 10th Asia-Pacific International awards.

The manual cleaning and oxygen treatment processes deployed by Zhang Jia Birdnest ensure that the active nutrients in bird's nest are retained and remain in a state that can be easily absorbed by the human body. Testing by Permulab Sdn. Bhd., a testing agency set up by the Malaysian government, shows that Zhang Jia's bird's nest product contains as little as 8mg of nitrites per kilogramme, well within the stipulated safety limits of 30mg/kg; in terms of its nutritional content, Zhang Jia's processes mean that the final product has retained as much nutrients as possible. In fact, testing has shown that as much of 44.38%, or 20% higher than the industry average, of our bird's nest product is pure amino acid. The quality of Zhang Jia's bird's nest product is well-recognised by the market.

In order to satisfy market demand, Zhang Jia Birdnest has been working to acquire and build more swallow houses in Malaysia. We shall also implement various systems and plans in the company, and intend to list the company in Hong Kong within the next three years. Zhang Jia Birdnest shall become the world's first bird's nest manufacturer to have an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Zhang Jia Birdnest has appointed Jevu International as our exclusive market partner. We sincerely invite talents from both home and abroad to join us in propagating the great nutritional culture of the Chinese people and for a better tomorrow!