Test Results for Zhang Jia's Bird's Nest Product

To ensure the quality of its bird's nest product, Zhang Jia Birdnest, apart from sending its product for testing to the state testing authorities in Malaysia, Zhang Jia Birdnest has also sent its product to PONY, a testing institution recognised by the Chinese government, for additional testing and nutritional analysis. The results of the test were extraordinary.

The test report shows that Zhang Jia's bird's nest product contains only 8mg of nitrites per 1000g, far below the 30mg/1000g limit stipulated. Furthermore, tests have also shown that amino acids, which are extremely beneficial to the human body, made up as much as 44.38% of the total content or 20% more than regular bird's nest.

Proteins are formed in the body through the dehydration and agglomeration of amino acid molecules. There are two kinds of amino acids in the human body: non-essential amino acids and essential amino acids. The latter can only be obtained from food and cannot be synthesised by the body.

About Pony
The PONY International Testing Group is a large comprehensive testing agency with offices all over China. Test reports issued by this agency are recognised by 71 countries and districts including the US, the UK and Germany. The company is based in Beijing, China and has nine branches in cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. PONY was rated by Deloitte as a "High-Tech, High-Growth" Asia-Pacific Top 500 enterprise between 2007 and 2011.

PONY conducts testing services in a number of areas, including the health and environmental care arena. safety assurance and the ascertaining of trade suitability and product quality. PONY is capable of testing various types of foods, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, health products, pet food, feed, fertilisers, food contact and packaging materials, etc., and providing testing services for nutrients, nutrition labelling, microbes, animal residues, additives and non-food substances, heavy metals and other categories of conventional physical and chemical substances.

PONY is the long-term testing partner for the Taikonaut Training Centre in the areas of food nutrition and safety testing; McDonald's, KFC, Hershey’s, Lotte Mart, COFCO Group and other international and domestic well-known large-scale food enterprises long-term cooperative testing organisations.

PONY has received the following from various parties:

  • - State Accreditation Committee CNAS IEC 17025 laboratory qualification
  • - State Accreditation Committee CNAS IEC 17020 test agency qualification
  • - CMA accreditation
  • - Ministry of Agriculture authorised testing agency
  • - Recognition by state environmental protection agencies
  • - Official impex inspection and appraisal institution designation by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
  • - Organic foods testing agency designation by the State Accreditation Committee
  • - Logistics conditions testing agency designation by the Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • - Food safety, product quality supervision and inspection partner agency designation by Departments of Commerce and Industry