Benefits of Bird's Nest

1. For women: Women who consume bird's nest on a regular basis will find their skin moisturised, smooth and elastic. This is why so many Hong Kong stars insist on consuming bird's nest as a way of maintaining their looks.

2. For men: The TCM classic, Compendium of Materia Medica (Bencao Gangmu), states that bird's nest is good for the lungs, kidneys and spleen. Long-term consumption of bird's nest can help replenish your energy and stamina as well as strengthen your health.

3. For pregnant women: Women are most in need of additional nutrients during their pregnancies. In Singapore more than half of expecting mothers consume bird's nest. The active proteins found in bird's nest can promote cell growth and provide a boost to the immune system. Women who consume bird's nest during their pregnancies can expect their babies to be born physically fitter, fairer and with stronger immune systems. Post-partum women can consume bird's nest for better lung health, suppress coughing and to replenish their bodily strength.。

4. For the elderly: Bodily functions become less efficient in the elderly, who may find that their digestive systems are not working as well as before or that their bodies have become weaker. Bird's nest provides the body with quality protein and a number of trace elements. Its unique proteins help provide a boost to the immune systems of the elderly as well as improve their digestive and other bodily functions.

5. For smokers: Smoking can lead to dry throat and the formation of phlegm and can contribute to the onset of bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, etc. Bird's nest contains a number of peptides, antibodies and vitamins that help to enhance to immune system. Regular consumption of bird's nest can help to strengthen the lungs, eliminate phlegm and suppress coughs.

6. For young children, those with weak constitutions and those who lead hectic work lives: Bird's nest is a high-quality food that is excellent for the promotion of good health.