Key Consumer Groups

I. Pregnant women:
Bird's nest has the effect of stabilising the foetus. The substance sialic acid, found exclusively in bird's nest, has been found to provide a boost to the immune systems of both mother and child, hydrate mother's and child's bodies as well as to brain development in the infant through the umbilical cord. Pregnant women can take bird's nest in order to help their babies begin life on the right footing. This practice is especially popular in Singapore and Hong Kong. Nutritionists abroad have also noted that sialic acid should be added to infant formula in cases where breastfeeding is not possible.

II. Beauty-conscious Consumers:
Bird's nest contains unique epidermal growth factors and active collagen and has been termed the "beauty gene" for its ability to delay ageing significantly. Hong Kong and Taiwanese stars have long relied on bird's nest to retain their youthful looks. Urban denizens have long understood the importance of bird's nest to both their external appearances and their souls. Insist on taking bird's nest weekly to become a woman of men's dreams.

III: Consumers of health foods:
China has had a strong gift culture and it is an indispensable part of life even today. Bird's nest gift hampers are elegant presents that are healthful at the same time.

IV. Children:
The young generation typically receives the most love in any family, and the proportion of household expenses spent on children is growing by the day. Children have comparatively weaker immune systems and bird's nest can help strengthen the body and can provide a boost to the child's brain activity. No parent will try to save on such an expense.

V. Consumers with "Sub-Par Health":
"Sub-par health" manifests both physically and psychologically and refers to the state and experience between good health and disease. According to a global survey conducted by the World Health Organisation, only 5% of the world population is truly healthy. While 20% of the world population is currently being treated by physicians, the remaining 75% fall into the "sub-par health" category. The natural anti-fatigue components of bird's nest can help to strengthen the body and relieve stress. This means that bird's nest is an excellent food for the enhancement of one's health. For men who consume alcohol often, consuming bird's nest is good for the lungs and stomach and also helps to relieve fatigue.

VI. The elderly:
As China's population ages the health of the elderly has become a topic of note. Bird's nest contains anti-ageing components that retard bone ageing and cell death. Regular consumption of bird's nest can bring longevity to seniors.